Forced Lent?

With the quarantines and Stay-at-Home orders around the world, people are unintentionally sacrificing personal freedom for Lent. For those who did not grow up in a faith tradition that “celebrates” Lent, these 46 days prior to Easter are intended as a time of fasting, moderation and self-denial with the purpose of repenting of our sins … Continue reading Forced Lent?


“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Seventy-five years ago, the Soviet Army liberated the prisoners at Auschwitz in Poland.  The vast majority were Jewish. Almost all the survivors have now passed. But we must remember what happened. I remember Andy Rooney's testimony … Continue reading #WeRemember

Honoring the men in our lives

This Guest Post from Eva should give you some great ideas on how to honor the men in your life.

The Joy Factor

girl-1641215_960_720As Father’s Day approaches, we tend to think of ways to honor our dads, or people in our lives who have been like fathers to us.  But because not all men have had the chance to become fathers, I propose that Father’s Day be a time to honor all men in our lives.

The question is: how can we best honor these men?  Giving flowers or going out for a special meal are great ways to make the women in our lives feel special, but what speaks respect to men?  I decided to ask.

Here are some of the things men said about what makes them feel respected:

  • I’ve always felt ‘listening’ to be very important. Many men feel that if they don’t have ‘a voice’ or ‘influence’ in a matter, then they are not respected.
  • Taking time to express that you understand and value who they are and what they…

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