Enjoy A Cup Of Uniqueness

Enjoy this guest post from a good friend. Grown-up tea parties are throwbacks to days when little girls dressed up in their moms’ pretty dresses, put on big-girl lipstick, and drank lemonade from tiny teacups. The big girl variety is… Source: Enjoy A Cup Of Uniqueness

Channeling My Mitty

Too bad it took me until about age 40 to learn this lesson.

Please enjoy this great post from my friend Dayle . . .

Tip of My Iceberg

When you’re around babies, it’s easy to dream.

What will they be when they grow up? (I’m still asking myself that question.) What will they enjoy doing? What will they be good at?

Dreaming is the springboard to trying. It’s where we all begin and get past where we are. It’s hope with great potential.

With Huck in my arms and his folks out for some couple time, I watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller. The iconic movie of dreaming of a better life.imgres

I watched Walter with a heart of compassion, as he zoned out, dreaming of what he might be. Fantasy was his default. Short-circuited by his lack of self-confidence, he endured his job. He was good at what he did–a negative assets manager at Life magazine. His attention to detail, his commitment to excellence in his job weren’t recognized or appreciated by…

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Gardening is Painful

I also have a brown thumb so I can really relate, both as a non-gardener but also for the spiritual application. God prunes us for our benefit even when it doesn’t feel like it. Usually I don’t realize how I’ve grown through the process until much later. Thanks, Dayle.

Tip of My Iceberg

photoI am not a gardener. I come from a long line of non-gardeners, people predisposed to killing things rather than growing things. This is not intentional on my part. It is, however, a dirty little reality that saddens my heart, especially living in Florida where most people can grow anything.

My little sister, Jan, however, has thumbs of green.

She loves to get down on her hands and knees, burying her fingers in the dirt, planting, pulling, corralling her cone flowers and navigating through her native wild flowers. She delights in the process–the results are enjoyable because she invested in the process.

Don’t get me wrong. I love gardens. The wild, flowers-growing-in-mad-disarray kind, where there’s an abundance of color and movement and depth. A party of posies, a riot of richness–with no supervision.

Some would call that a meadow. No known gardener in sight.

Except God.

So imagine my dismay…

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The Only New Year’s Resolution I Ever Kept

Resolution --   decision: a firm decision to do something;  determination: firmness of mind or purpose;  solution: an answer to a problem  [definition from Bing Dictionary] Okay, it started out as a joke.  Like many (most, all?) people, I always had trouble keeping a New Year’s Resolution.  Losing weight, exercising, finishing a project, or whatever – … Continue reading The Only New Year’s Resolution I Ever Kept