Holocaust Remembrance Day

Over the years, I have read books and watched many documentaries about the Holocaust.  They are heart-rending.  But the most impactful evidence for me have been personal experiences with Holocaust survivors and their liberators.  When I attended Dallas Theological Seminary in the late 90s, I remember going to see Shimon Peres speak at the Dallas … Continue reading Holocaust Remembrance Day

Forced Lent?

With the quarantines and Stay-at-Home orders around the world, people are unintentionally sacrificing personal freedom for Lent. For those who did not grow up in a faith tradition that “celebrates” Lent, these 46 days prior to Easter are intended as a time of fasting, moderation and self-denial with the purpose of repenting of our sins … Continue reading Forced Lent?


“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Seventy-five years ago, the Soviet Army liberated the prisoners at Auschwitz in Poland.  The vast majority were Jewish. Almost all the survivors have now passed. But we must remember what happened. I remember Andy Rooney's testimony … Continue reading #WeRemember