Yesterday my boss described his experience when shopping for Christmas cards.  Spread out on a table was a large selection of designs.  For some reason several cards featured dogs ( I prefer cats myself).  Only two mentioned the birth of the Christ child.

Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart debate over whether a war on this religious holiday actually exists.  I notice a large difference from when I was a kid (oh so many years ago!).   The big kick-off was always the Santa at the end of Macy’s Parade. 

I thought having Christmas decorations out before Halloween was bad enough, but hoped at least they would leave Thanksgiving Day itself alone.  It was not to be..Were you among the many who took to the stores for an early Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day?  Or maybe you started Cyber-Monday early in Thanksgiving week.  I admit I am tempted by great deals too (at least online – the insanity to tackle Black Friday in retail stores doesn’t run in my family).

What to do about it?  The American Family Association compiles a “Naughty or Nice” list that details which major retailers are favorable to the religious Christmas or favor Happy Holidays, etc., in their marketing strategies.  It gives me satisfaction to buy from a store that desires to keep “Christ” in Christmas, although I frequently forget which company does what.

Even if others focus on Santa and the reindeer, I know that “Jesus is the reason for the season” and can celebrate accordingly.  So have a “Blessed Christmas”!   And Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends!

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