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I have always been saddened when I hear about another black person dying from apparent police brutality.  But I noticed a somewhat different reaction upon hearing of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

You see, my grandnephew Daniel married LaPrea last week.  Why did this event significantly deepen my emotions to the seemingly endless parade of tragedies?

LaPrea is a beautiful black woman with a vivacious personality.  We heartily welcome her into the family. 

So now, it’s personal.

I fear that someday their children will be subject to racial profiling. 

When I was growing up in Lewis County, the darkest people I knew were Italian or Native American.  Then we had a huge influx of Latinos.  As a criminal defense attorney, I was well aware of the offense of “driving while Mexican.”  Now our county shows much more diversity. But prejudice remains.

My heart is heavy and I grieve for all those persecuted because of the color of their skin, or speaking a different language, or coming from a different culture. 

Please pray for peace among the ethnicities.  We are all one blood, one race, descendants of Adam, created in the image of God.  The evolutionary idea of the “superiority” of one group over another is nonsense.  Nietzsche and Hitler were wrong. 

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