No Brag, Just Fact

“The Guns of Will Sonnett” ran two seasons in 1967-69, but I still remember its repeated line. Walter Brennan played the patriarch of a family of fast guns. Will Sonnett was an ex-cavalry scout and gunfighter who roamed the west with his grandson, seeking his wandering son. In numerous adventures, the two displayed their prowess … Continue reading No Brag, Just Fact

Breach of Privacy

When Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. National Security Agency was accessing metadata and message content from telecommunications companies concerning private individuals, Germany loudly complained about NSA spying through the use of such material. Now it appears that Germany’s protests were highly hypocritical – they have been doing the same thing.  The magazine Der Spiegel … Continue reading Breach of Privacy


Last Wednesday our office took a day for “reset.” Basically, this time was our version of spring housecleaning. My space, at least, desperately needed a make-over. I started from the top and worked my way down. The dust layered thickly on the tops of my bookcases. I threw out trash and re-organized my books, notebooks, … Continue reading Reset