When I moved to Florida, my co-workers became my family.  They invited me for Fourth of July picnics, Thanksgiving and Easter dinners, concerts and other fun stuff.

Family goes beyond mere biological kinship.  Through the years my family has taken in “strays.”  Now that I am across the country from my relatives in the Pacific Northwest, I am the stray –but I am welcomed and feel at home.

Have you ever felt an instant connection to another follower of Jesus that you never felt with some of your blood kin?  Those who believe in Jesus Christ are the Children of God and part of a huge, worldwide family.

For me this holiday season started with the long Thanksgiving weekend with my “family” Eric and Chris Schlottman.  I don’t leave for the great PNW until just before Christmas.  So in the meantime I will share with you some memories, thoughts, recipes and whatever else comes to mind  in this eclectic blog.

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