Recently several friends challenged me to start a blog.  But what do I write about?

My father always said that I was cursed with being a generalist – I am interested in everything.  So the consistent thing you can expect from this site is inconsistency, at least as far as subject is concerned.  I’ll try to post every other week, but maybe more.  As for the topics, think the universe . . . .   If it exists, I may write about it, and if it doesn’t exist, I may write about that as well.  

For polite conversation, sage advice says to avoid religion and politics.  I’m not very politically correct, so you can expect both, and maybe the weather too.  

Please comment on the posts.  Dialogue is healthy.  And I love questions! 

2 thoughts on “An Eclectic Mix

  1. How exciting! And how typical of you 🙂 Luckily I’m with you on the cursed side of life, so I am looking forward to jumping into the “netherworld” with you.

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