Sunday morning I left for Cru staff training in Colorado. The shuttle to the airport went smoothly, as did check in.  I got in the security line and spotted a sign with the checklist to prepare for the scanners:

  1. All liquids, not larger than 3 oz. size, in a 1 quart bag – check
  2. Electronics in a separate bin – I dug out my laptop and got ready – check
  3. Take off jackets and put in bin – jackets?  What jacket?  I forgot my sweater!!!

I live in Florida.  I don’t remember the last time I wore a sweater.  I last wore my coat at Christmas time, in Washington State.

I am going to Colorado and then Washington State.  Coats and sweaters are a must even in summer.

So onto the plane and into Denver – no luggage.  Now this situation is not what you think.

The passengers from our plane got to carousel #10 and waited, and waited, and waited. I checked at the baggage claim counter.  They said it doesn’t usually take this long but give it another 15 minutes.  So we waited some more.

Evidently other people started asking, because finally came this apologetic voice over the PA that said something like:  “Passengers from Flight 259, it seems we have misplaced your baggage.  We think it is somewhere on the carts and have people looking for it, so it should arrive shortly.”  After about another 10 minutes, “we found your luggage.  It was mistakenly unloaded onto carousel 16.  You may pick it up there.”  I spotted my bag going around as I walked up.

Colorado State University "The Rams"
Colorado State University
“The Rams”

Then I arrived at Colorado State University.  I got my room key and meal pass, took the luggage up to the dorm room, then realized – I don’t have my meal pass!  So I backtracked.  Down in the lobby a young lady found it and put it on a table.  Thank you!  It seems it wasn’t hooked onto the lanyard, but just stuck together (I wasn’t the only one to have that problem).

So I walked over to register for the conference and then to Rite Aid to see if I could find a sweater.  No luck on that but the sweet manager let me have a long-sleeved shirt at half price.  Thank you again!

Back to the room to drop off the stuff before walking over for the BBQ dinner at the kick-off “Cru County Fair.”  My room key won’t work.  The nice kid at the dorm desk came up with me – he can’t get it to work either.  So he called for a repair guy and I went for dinner.

At this point I am getting a little silly.  You know, an early morning departure, long flight, a little jet lag.  I expected that I would be really irritated by now (I was a bit grumpy about the luggage earlier), but really, now it all seemed hilarious — I was proving many of the major corollaries to Murphy’s Law.

The Fair was fun.  Good food.  Watched kids on the zip line and mechanical bull ride.  Chatted with old friends, met some new ones, and had a great time sharing my adventures.

When I got back to the dorm, the repair guy hadn’t fixed the door lock yet, so the supervisor took me up to let me in with her master key.  Guess what?  My key now worked.  Thank you AGAIN!  Evidently they are somewhat temperamental.   I wasn’t the only one to have THIS problem either.

You have probably heard that bad things happen in threes.  Well, that was four (and another minor one I didn’t bother to count).  I don’t know if that means no more troubles for the rest of the week . . .

Or if I just am starting a second batch!

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say rejoice!  Philippians 4:4

P.S. Now for the rest of the story — Monday morning.  Every staff member at the conference was offered their choice among several items as a gift, but just pick one.  See mine below—-

Cru long sleeve shirt
Cru long sleeve shirt

God came through again!

 . . . again I will say, rejoice!  Philippians 4:4

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