Slide31Did you ever watch Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ?  I only watched it once.  It was just too painful.  What is plainly evident is that Jesus really did die on the cross.  Here are a few facts to consider:

There is no evidence he was drugged.  Mark 15:23, 36.  

Jesus had a heavy loss of blood:   He sweat blood in garden (Luke 22:44);

He was severely beaten and whipped with a Roman flagellum, had his head wounded with a crown of thorns; and suffered major wounds from being nailed to cross.  Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19.

When a Roman soldier thrust a spear into his side, the issue of water and blood shows he was already dead and this wound itself would have been fatal.  John 19:34.  See “On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ,” Journal of the American Medical Society.  March 21, 1986, p. 1463.

The Roman soldiers, who were professional executioners, did not break his legs because no doubt he was already dead.   John 19: 31-34.

Jesus was wrapped in bandages and placed in guarded tomb which had its entrance blocked with a large stone.  Jesus could not unwrap himself, move the boulder, overpower the guards and escape unnoticed. Matt 27:60.

Pilate got assurance the Jesus was really dead before releasing body.  Mark 15:42-45.

These points are just a quick summary of the evidence.  What is obvious, is that if Jesus survived all of this, he would have been seriously injured, not a victorious Savior.

For a good discussion of the details of crucifixion, go to this link to hear from Lee Strobel, author of the Case for Christ.    Lee Strobel on the death of Jesus

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