Every family has some strange rules.  In our household, if you cooked dinner, other family members cleared the table and washed the dishes. That was mom’s way of giving us an incentive to learn how to cook. It worked with my brother and sister but not with me. I finally learned to cook with Betty Crocker when I went to college.

This rule also applied during holidays. Christmas dinner was always at our home, and although everyone brought a covered dish or dessert, mom coordinated the menu, cooked the ham and potatoes, etc. So she didn’t clear the table or do dishes. One of my favorite photos shows how this rule worked at Christmas. On the left is my dad in a frilly apron (the only day of the year he did dishes), Aunt Edith in the middle and Uncle Carden on the right.

Washing the Christmas dishes
Washing the Christmas dishes

This may be a stretch, but seeing my dad in the apron reminds me of Jesus at the Passover dinner, also known as the Last Supper. He tied on a towel and washed the feet of his disciples in the attitude of a servant. I must admit it is hard for me to joyfully follow his example by doing dishes, but hey, somebody has to do it. And since I don’t like to cook . . . .

How do you serve your family during Christmas?  What does your family do to serve others at this time of year?

Here is a link for some ideas – http://creatingnaturally.com/tis-the-season-to-serve-7-practical-ways-to-serve-others-this-christmas/

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