This is what you are a part of:

Fifteen days, three cities, thirteen speaking opportunities and 16,215 miles to Cameroon and back.

In November, my director Bob Trierweiler led a team to Cameroon to share the message of Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG).  The group also included Gaye Montgomery, a U.S. lawyer volunteering with FLAG; and Rev. Mpunga Mukengeshay, the FLAG coordinator for Africa from Ivory Coast. [See above: Bob is the white guy in the middle, Gaye is the short lady next to him. Rev. Shay is not in this photo.]

The meetings were held in cooperation with Campus Crusade for Christ’s LeaderImpact staff in Cameroon, and Youth With A Mission (WYAM) and its African Bible Safari program.  The team’s presentations were split between those designed for pastors and those designed for legal professionals.

The time with the lawyers was typical of other FLAG conferences, only in a much more condensed format, like a “FLAG sampler.”  The time with the pastors was designed to help them understand: (1) the unique problems and issues faced by lawyers and judges, (2) the importance of helping those legal professionals in their congregations to reach out to their colleagues, and (3) the strategic role that this influential group plays in the restoration of peace and wholeness in a broken world, through a Godly system of justice that operates with integrity and respects and honors all of God’s creation.

Here are a few comments:

With FLAG, lives are being changed by the words of Christ through the mouths of lawyers. 

This type of conference should be multiplied because people will rise up and end corruption.

This is the inspiration I have needed!

Please, please, please come back to do a full FLAG program.  We need that.
Please pray with us as we plan a full conference there in 2017 and other places around the world