One of the fun things about working at Cru headquarters is the opportunity to participate in other Cru ministries.

On February 28, over 200 Cru® staff members and volunteers came out and packed vegetable seeds with Global Aid Network® (GAiN®).  The result – we are sending 40,000 SeedPacks that will produce 200 tons of food! The seeds will be sent to our Cru partners in Southern and Eastern Africa to distribute to families who otherwise would have little or no food. These seeds not only provide food but also give an opportunity for them to come to know Jesus.

Gain packing ladies

Through your partnership, GAiN expresses the love of Jesus in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope. Watch a video at that shows how seeds changed Rosemary’s life and community by providing more than just food — these seeds also provided hope in Christ!

This past week, another Cru ministry, the JESUS Film Project, celebrated their 1500th completed language, Daasanach of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan.  We took a tour “behind the scenes” to discover how the team makes each language revision a reality.  The “War Room” had a huge world map and timeline wrapped around the room, showing languages being translated by Cru and partnership organizations.  The Mission is to produce heart language versions of our movies and empower others to do the same so that everyone can see Jesus.

Gain poster

Please pray for the next 500 languages!  That God will raise the workers, provide breakthrough opportunities for new translations to begin, protect the health and safety of the workers, and empower partners to help.