Around 150 lawyers, judges, law students attended the Middle East FLAG gathering earlier this month. They came from 4 different countries in the Middle East. What started three years ago with 15 lawyers is now a movement with many meeting together in 5 cities of this nation and spreading to other countries in this region.  Bob and Janice Trierweiler represented our FLAG team, in partnership with Cru’s Leader-led Movement (LLM).

The impact of FLAG 2016 in South Africa was the driving momentum.  Lawyers had been getting together previously, but this was the first conference of its kind.  They had never looked at their profession in light of Scripture on integrity and humility.

Two people indicated that they put their faith in Jesus as their Savior; others remarked that they understood more clearly how to walk by faith in the midst of difficulties. Some lawyers are among 14 new Cru LLM part-time staff who will begin their training soon.

Many left with a new sense of mission to impact their home country or city.  Here are some of the comments from the final celebration:

  • I had a challenge in my profession as a lawyer to confront corruption.  Now I understand I need to rely on Jesus who will sustain me.”
  • Young lawyer:  “Since I started my career, I wanted to follow the steps of Jesus and I have the confirmation that I am on the right path.”
  • I have learned I have a big influence in my community as a lawyer.  I’ve been directed to make a change in my community for the glory of Jesus”.
  • We need integrity and justice in our society. We have learned so much. This is the most important and the best conference in which I have participated”.

Please continue to lift our brothers and sisters from the Middle East before God. Pray that their lives will be characterized by Godly wisdom and boldness as they live out their faith in this difficult part of the world.