We knew something was wrong when several people emailed us that our website was all screwed up.

Sure enough.

I put on a temporary patch and tracked down the problem: our host platform had discontinued the template we were using – without telling anyone in advance!

We were planning to design a new website anyway, but this event really pushes up the timetable.  Please pray that God will give us wisdom and guidance on how He wants us to proceed.

Then we received an opportunity to place an advertisement in Christian Lawyer magazine for half price.  I had 2 ½ days to complete the ad before the deadline.   It was fun going through photos of our FLAG 2016 South African conference to select ones for the ad.  From left to right, the pictures are of people from Sri Lanka, Germany, Ivory Coast, Singapore, and Colombia.

FLAG 10th Anniversary

As stated in the ad, we are now celebrating 10 years of ministry.  Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG) began in 2007, planning for the Berlin conference in 2008.  The theme was “Truth and Justice in Responsibility before God and Mankind – The Contribution of Today’s Legal Professional.”  About 70 attended and heard presentations on living out our Christian faith through the practice of law, a personal spiritual check-up, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, balancing priorities, understanding the platform legal professionals have in shaping the culture, and more.

FLAG 2008

Many left with a vision for how their position as a legal professional provides a platform from which to share the gospel and live out a Christ-centered life in a manner that would be a witness to those around them. As one participant stated, “I liked the fact that someone recognized the role of the lawyer in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and attempted to do something about it.”