We recently received an update concerning one of the groups of attorneys affiliated with FLAG working in a sensitive country:

The working group organizing the “Faith and Law” conference [scheduled for the] end of January 2017. . . for lawyers from throughout [this part of the] world, met on Saturday, and the enthusiasm for the conference is still very high. The theme will be “Integrity and Humility.”

I was able to give the working group the assurance that both the head of the [national] lawyers’ syndicate . . . and the head of the [X] Church . . . have accepted our invitations to speak at the conference. This is really very exciting news.

From [this nation] alone, we are expecting around 250 lawyers, judges, and other men and women of the law, and we are praying for 50 from outside [the country]. More about that closer to the time, but please be praying for all the arrangements meanwhile.

Please join us in prayer . . . [for] the next meeting of the “Faith and Law Conference” working group, on 8th of October. We will need to work on the list of people to invite and draw up a budget for it. May the Lord give wisdom and discernment.

What exciting news!  One of the goals of our South Africa 2016 convocation was to encourage local groups to put on their own conferences.  And this group is doing it without our outside help.

We had some planning sessions last week.  We anticipate having a national conference in Cameroon, possibly in November.  Two conferences in East Asia are in the early planning stages.  And we have the possibility of a cooperative venture for our first-ever conference in the U.S.

Please keep all of these things in your prayers.  God is working mightily for His glory.