June 16, 2016

Orlando is grieving.

When I got up Sunday morning, I turned on the news and learned about the massacre.  The shock was immediate.  This terrorism happened in MY city.  The Pulse club was about a mile from my chiropractor’s office.  Some of our staff live in that neighborhood. Everyone has a connection, whether close or distant, to the victims.  No one in the city is untouched.

But the people, and especially the Christian community, sprang into action.

Blood banks sent out immediate requests for donors.  Lines literally formed around the block, with waiting times up to 6 hours in the blistering heat and humidity.  The Salvation Army handed out water and food.  Chick-fil-A workers got permission to go in on Sunday to cook meals for those in line.  Finally, the blood banks had to turn people away and ask them to make appointments to come in later.

Local churches are providing free funeral services and offering counseling.  Thousands attend daily prayer vigils throughout central Florida.  Steve Sellers, our National Director, let the mayor know that Cru is ready to serve.

On Monday, Steve sent an all-staff email that expresses my feelings:  “. . . today Orlando grieves because of an evil act that shatters the lives of thousands and that ends the lives of so many who were created with value and dignity in the image of their Creator.”

God calls us to love like Jesus. Some in the LGBTQ community have been surprised at this.  But God can use for good what a terrorist meant for evil.  Doors are opening.  Please continue to pray.

2 Cor 1 3-4