Thank you for all your prayers after last month’s terrible tragedy here in Orlando.  The city is slowly recovering, so now I am returning to my original plan to tell you more about the FLAG 2016 conference.

When I first returned home, I didn’t know what to say when people asked how the conference went.  I missed most of the presentations because I was working behind the scenes to help things run smoothly.  But since my return, I have been editing the videos we made and preparing lecture notes – and now I can tell you that the conference was awesome!   If you want to know more, go to our website: where we have posted the videos and notes.  For various reasons, not everyone was recorded, but we got most of them.

FLAG 2016 listening to speaker

Our bottom line measure of success for any conference such as this is whether those in attendance leave committed to making a change in their lives that will not only benefit them in their relationships with Christ but will also integrate them into a spiritual movement that will generate multiplying disciples.  Of the 52 delegates who filled out “next step” forms at the end of the conference, 44 left wanting to stay in touch with the FLAG network, 23 wanted assistance in developing a personal plan for how they can use their lives to build the Kingdom of God, 24 would like to participate in further discipleship meetings, and 20 want to help lead a ministry to legal professionals in their own city.  Significantly, 19 people from 11 different nations want to have a FLAG conference in their own countries so that they can help other legal professionals learn how to have a meaningful relationship with Christ and then integrate their faith in their legal work.FLAG 2016 worship masked

A delegate wrote:  I feel sure this event was a challenge to coordinate, and I just wanted to mention again that the event really did achieve its purpose of energizing and refreshing Christian attorneys.  I hope you realize that the hard work done behind the scenes was truly appreciated!

Thank you and God bless,