Here’s an example of the impact of the week.  I love what Juma, from South Sudan, wrote:

“At the personal level, I came to learn a lot of what I didn’t know about being a lawyer and a Christian at the same time . . . . I have always been hesitant to think of my religion as my priority over my career as I usually preferred being seen as someone who preferred secularism over anything else.  My attendance at the conference and listening to the presentation of the Chief Justice and many other experts who have practiced law for over forty years as faithful Christians was a turning point for me . . .”


Question from Audience 1
Juma from South Sudan


Juma gave a 9-page report about the conference to his legal society in South Sudan.

One of the most exciting developments arising from the conference is related to our Arabic speaking delegation from the Middle East.  You may recall that we had four Arabic-speaking delegates at the FLAG 2013 global convocation in Hong Kong.  This time we had eleven.  These men and women have been bold for the faith in their own country.  They have shared the gospel with many of their fellow lawyers from the majority religion with the result that a number have placed their faith in Christ.  Before coming to the conference, they were planning to conduct a FLAG conference in their country in early 2018.  After attending FLAG 2016, they are now talking about accelerating that event to 2017.  Join us in praying for these wonderfully bold lawyers.

After we digest the results of FLAG 2016, we will prepare more detailed plans for the next few years.  Even now it is clear that there will be an increased number of national and regional FLAG conferences over the next two years leading up to the next global FLAG convocation which will be held for the first time in the Americas, in Orlando, FL, April 4-9, 2019.  We also need to develop more discipleship materials.

Thank you for making this global ministry to legal professionals possible.  Together we are furthering God’s plan to transform the nations by transforming their legal professionals.